Poets of the East

Co-Hosts Mircea Dan Duta & Rick Spisak

PNN – Poets of the East –Listen to Season One – Host Rick Spisak is Joined by Co-Host Mircea Dan Duta POET, AUTHOR, EDITOR, and other Poets

In this first Episode, We introduce Mircea Dan Duta and the Voices of Other Poets of the east. Our reach will be global but we have a strong focus on the POETIC VOICES OF ROMANIA
although from time to time we will be joined by other poets and storytellers across the globe which is the homeland of every poet.

We will lead off the show with the MASTER POET HIMSELF – Mircea Dan Duta and two poets he brought us from Romania.
Andreas Budnah and two other marvelous voices reading in both Romanian and English.
And speaking of English we will also hear some poetry by Master poet/educator Dominic Windram from Northern England

And finally a wee bonny tale from master story teller Rab Fulton from Scotland by way of Shannon Ireland

Hope you’ll join us


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